The iplexmed team is all about creating solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s world where at-home diagnosis can help improve our living.

The team

Our team is composed of biologists, chemists, engineers.

The iplexmed team at INL (picture: INL)

Bruno Almeida (CEO)

Bruno Almeida is a an Applied biologist with a degree from the University of Minho and who performed several research stays at the University of Porto (Portugal), Leiden (Netherlands), Oulu (Finland), and at EMBL/ESRF (France), IRB/PRBB (Spain). He is currently working at ICVS.

Picture: ICVS

Joana Guerreiro (CCO)

Joana Guerreiro is specialist in surface science and biosensensing strategies. She was in research in the university of Aarhus (Denmark), then Joined INL and is currently with CEB/University of Minho.

Picture: Lars Kruse, University of Aarhus (Denmark)

Neide Veira (CMO)

Neide Vieira is an applied biologist with a PhD degree from the University of Minho and the University of Aberdeen (UK). She worked on the regulations of carboxylic acids in pathogenic yeasts, and on the interplay between proteostatis and brain ageing.

Picture: ICVS

Jérôme Borme (CTO)

Jérôme Borme is Engineer from École Centrale de Lyon (France) with a doctoral degree from Université Grenoble-Alpes (France). He has worked with thin films and bidimensional materials, for applications to sensing. He is currently staff researcher at INL.

Picture: INL

Pedro Ferreira (CSO)

Pedro Ferreira is specialist in microbiology and focuses on parasite adaptation, in particular the malaria parasite. He is currently working at ICVS.

Picture: ICVS

Rui Campos

Rui Campos is a chemist with a PhD degree from the university of Aarhus (Denmark). He is a specialist of DNA sensing, and has worked at INL. he is currently post-doctoral researcher at the university of Antwerp (Belgium).

Our story

The iplexmed project started at a Hackathon event hosted between the INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory and the ICVS – Life and Health Sciences Research Institute, an institute of the University of Minho.

Pre-acceleration programme

In July 2020, the idea was selected by the CÓDIGO+ consortium for guidance by B.ACIS.

In May 2021, the idea was selected by the programme Empreender@Braga from StartupBraga.